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salt bridge protein and supramolecular wikipedia - supramolecular chemistry is a field concerned with non covalent interactions between macromolecules salt bridges have been used by chemists within this field in both diverse and creative ways including the synthesis of molecular capsules and double helical polymers, moore group members university of illinois - morgan cencer mcencer2 illinois edu b s chemistry 2014 michigan technological university houghton mi research advisor bruce p lee current research interests, best sellers in polymers macromolecules in chemistry - discover the best polymers macromolecules in chemistry in best sellers find the top 100 most popular items in amazon books best sellers, home materials science and technology of polymers at the - the mtp group of university twente the group materials science and technology of polymers mtp chaired by professor g julius vancso studies a range of topics which revolve around macromolecular nanotechnology and materials chemistry of nanostructured macro molecular materials, supramolecular chemistry concepts and perspectives jean - supramolecular chemistry is a central theme not only in chemistry but in neighboring disciplines including physics and the biological sciences, mechanically robust readily repairable polymers via - the very long molecules found in synthetic polymers and their tendency to entangle and partially crystallize impart many of the polymers useful properties however these same characteristics also mean that chain dynamics are slow which impedes potential self healing, supramolecular protein fishing with molecular baits phys org - scientists from the center for self assembly and complexity csc successfully isolated a cancer prone protein by fishing out the proteins using molecular bait, polymers peptides research group website - the polymers peptides research group was established at the university of manchester in 2004 by profs aline f miller and alberto saiani, studies on thermoresponsive polymers phase behaviour - the present review aims to highlight the applications of thermoresponsive polymers thermo responsive polymers show a sharp change in properties upon a small or modest change in temperature, conductive polymers towards a smart biomaterial for - developing stimulus responsive biomaterials with easy to tailor properties is a highly desired goal of the tissue engineering community a novel type of electroactive biomaterial the conductive polymer promises to become one such material, polycaprolactone average mn 80 000 sigma aldrich - features and benefits biodegradable polymer non toxic biodegradable in soil broad miscibility mechanical compatibility with many polymers and good adhesion to a broad spectrum of substrates, chemistry mchem hons f101 lancaster university - find out more about studying chemistry mchem hons f101 at lancaster university, chemistry of materials acs publications - editorials present the author s view on contributions on forefront fundamental research at the interface of chemistry chemical engineering and materials science, biointerface research in applied chemistry - articles recently indexed in clarivate analytics web of science 15 06 2018 click to see details 86 downloads articles recently indexed in scopus 15 06 2018 click to see details 120 downloads, detergents and their properties ben hankamer institute for - detergents and their properties ben hankamer institute for molecular bioscience university of queensland brisbane b hankamer imb uq edu au